Monday, November 24, 2008

8 magnets

i am in the middle of a battle with adie.  all about 8 magnets.  8 magnets.  earlier today adie decided to take the letter magnets off the fridge and put them on the floor....and i told her then that it was fine, but that she would be putting them back on the fridge when she was done.  to which she said (after a reminding), "yes, ma'am".  we are now 30 minutes into the battle.....and i will win.  i keep sitting her in time out for one minute and then going to her after the minute is up and asking her if she wants to sit in time out some more, or put the magnets back on the fridge which, for some reason, she is not choosing, so she's in time-out we go....
YES!!!  the battle has been won!!!  after approximately 38 minutes of battle, mom has won!  woo-hoo!!!  magnets are back to their proper place on the fridge, adie is happily eating a sucker and has forgotten the 38 minute battle, and mom is feeling accomplished and proud of herself for not giving in.  yay me.   

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

quote of the day....(drumroll please)...

this morning may have been the longest morning ever.  for some reason, everything took about three times longer than normal.  add to that having to get a shower and letting molly play in the teensy-weensiest amount of snow you've ever seen....and...well, i guess that's probably why it was the longest morning ever.  well, molly came in from the "snow" (seriously, just a light...if you can even call it that....dusting) and she was crying and all dramatic b/c her hands were freezing cold.....(i know i don't sound sensitive in the least....but i was frustrated b/c it was the longest morning ever and i couldn't get ready, and molly wanted hot chocolate!)....and somehow, in the midst of tears, she says....
"mama, i loved buckeye as much as i love Jesus!"
long, silent pause.....
what in the world?  buckeye was a stray dog that showed up at our house, that we ended up feeding and letting sleep outside for about 3-4 weeks.  (molly played with him some, but really not all that much)  we took him to the vet to get his shots and we were going to keep him but he had adult heart worms that would take about $500 to fix.  so we had to take him to a shelter....we just weren't (and couldn't) gonna spend that much money on a stray.  he was a sweet dog, but we just couldn't keep him.  
molly cries about buckeye once every few weeks, which seems crazy to me.  i guess i'm not as much of an animal lover as she is, but sheesh.  come on!  even my mom (who cried as a child because she squished a cricket) thinks it's a bit nuts.  i's great and all that she has such a sweet, tender heart....but seriously, she's gonna have issues if she can't move on from this and remember buckeye fondly, but be happy she has a new dog (that she LOVES probably more than Jesus at this point!), and GET OVER IT!!!  good grief. i say, "i know you loved buckeye, babe.  do you want me to get you some hot tea?"  
i don't know what to do about i just acknowledge her and try to change the subject.  sigh.  high-maintenance people wear me out....and i'm bound and determined that the blackburn girls will NOT be high-maintenance! it was a good quote though....  

Thursday, November 13, 2008


adelyn joy has been listening and obeying quite well the last two days.  it has been so nice.  if she doesn't listen the first time, then i ask her if she needs to sit in time-out (or if she needs a spanking) and she'll say, "no" and then come to me or do whatever it was i asked her to do.  and the other day, just randomly, she came to me and said, "mommy....listen and obey" letting me know that she had been doing a good job.  so i praised her and loved on her and told her she was doing a good job.  
even though she wears me out at times, her name fits her so well....she is a true joy.  she is so funny and makes these faces that just crack us up.  i'm quite blessed to have such wonderful, beautiful girls.  thank you, Jesus.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

quick update on us

so it's been awhile since i've posted, so i thought i'd give a quick update on us:

molly is still completely in to spiderman, batman, ben ten alien force and any other boy-like tv show.  she regularly pretends to be ben or peter parker....which means, by default, i must be grandpa, mom or mj (that's mary-jane for those of you who don't know who peter parker loves).  she generally talks constantly, especially when we are in the car.  she is doing very well in pre-school.  she had her program a week or so ago and was a super-star.  no tears or drama, which was great.  she did a good job and she's a very good singer.  and lately she says that she plans to be a singer so she could have songs that play on the radio.  and sometimes she makes up songs and they, without question, always make me smile......she ALWAYS sings about God and how He loves us, and never quits loving us...and how Jesus died to save us.  so simple, but brings tears to my eyes.  i love that she sings that - and i love that it's completely true.  i love her. a complete terror.  she likes being in trouble and she thinks it's funny when i'm stern with her.  i'm not sure what i'll do with her.  she may possibly live in time-out or have a forever red bottom from being spanked all day long.  she normally wears me out most days.  she is very cute though, and i'm quite certain this girl will never ever have self-image issues. she likes scaring jack (our dog, for those of you who may not anyone reads this!) and gets in trouble for that at least 3 times a day.  she'll find the broom or a push-toy and run at him with it and then laugh hysterically.  again, i'm not sure what i'm going to do with her.  i haven't figured out what discipline tactic works best....any suggestions would for sure be welcomed.  she is very funny as well.....she just now said, "shake your booty" for no real reason at all.  a funny story that may be too much information:  i got out of the shower the other day and was walking to get my undies on and she says, "mommy booty shakin".  great. like i need her to tell me my booty shakes when i walk.  grrrrr.  and now anytime i am changing clothes and she catches me, she likes to remind me...."mommy booty shakin".  yay. the best ever.  he is  so funny and he loves me so very much and it makes me feel so good to know that.  i know that i'm important to him and that the girls are important to him.  i love him and i will forever.

me....well, the biggest thing with me is that volleyball is over, so i'm feeling much less overwhelmed with my job and it's SO very nice to have nights and weekends free.  my volleyball girls were 4th in the region, but won the "team christian character award" which i was very proud of.  i really am enjoying my job as AD at jbc.....i'm getting used to all my responsibilities and i know that it will just get easier with time.  i'm really looking forward to the holidays.  thanksgiving at our house again this year, which i always love.  can't wait to see everyone.  and then christmas will probably be a blast.  i already got molly a ben ten alien force watch thing....she'll go nuts.  so fun.  

well.....i need to get the girls in the tub.  i'll try to post more regularly for those of you who care.