Wednesday, September 9, 2009

our date with molly

yesterday dustin and i took molly out on a date. my mama watched adie for us so we could take molly to a movie and out to dinner. we all had so much fun. we saw the movie "shorts" - and it was really good, plus, apparently tuesdays at the theater are $1 day for popcorn and drinks. sweet deal. we were the only people in the entire theater...i mean the whole place, not just our movie. looks like nobody knows about that $1 deal....well now you know.

then we took her out to olive garden for supper since she could probably live on spaghetti. it was just so much fun to focus our attention solely on her. but we did talk about how we all missed adie joy. we talked about the movie (its all about a wishing rock) and we asked her what she'd wish for. she said, and i kid you not, "i would wish to grow up faster so i can see Jesus." oh, that girl. :)

the start to kindergarten has been anything but smooth for our sweet girl who hates change. the very first day (when all the class was present....a week ago monday) the school secretary called me b/c molly was sobbing in her office - saying her stomach hurt. good grief. it was only 9:30, and when she left home, she was fine. so i went to the school to talk to her. so we talked for about 10 minutes and she finally admitted that she got too hot (the AC in her class room is really messed up and it gets to about 80 before the unit kicks on), and then she got overwhelmed with all the kids being there, and then she remembered that she wasn't going to see me that evening b/c i had an away volleyball game.....put it all together, and what do you get? a molly so worked up and crying that her stomach hurts. and that was day one.

since that day, every morning is a battle of some kind - and generally, every morning she declares that she does not want to go to school. add to that that she has been having nightmares at night and waking up 2-3 times each night, and it makes for horribly grumpy mornings and a frazzled, frustrated mother. i read some about the nightmares, and it is normal for kids who are anxious about doesn't make sense to her to be scared about school, so subconsciously she has nightmares which are OK to be scared of, thus justifying her fear. (i feel like i just sounded way smarter than i really am) so each morning there is some drama to deal with - whether it be a seam in a sock, shorts that "feel weird" or hair that doesn't look right....any and all of it sent her into a crying fit-throwing break-down. UNTIL today.
oh, praise Jesus. today was the best day yet. she has had 2 full nights of sleep in a row. (she told us yesterday that she wasn't scared anymore from the nightmares b/c "it's silly to be scared about monsters; monsters aren't even real; and even if they were real, Jesus would take care of me!" and then she said, "i have to admit, i had to tell myself that a few times before i really believed it." :) precious child.) and there was absolutely NO drama at all this morning. she got ready like a big girl and headed off to school like it was no big deal. hopefully we're starting a new trend! even though she is high-maintenance most times, and generally takes every ounce of patience that i can muster, i am so proud of her and excited to see the woman she will become. she has such a tender heart, and a pure love of's beautiful. and, to me, she's worth all the drama. :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

my BABY is growing up too!!

adelyn had her first day of "pre-school" yesterday. it's actually just a mother's day out program, but we called it "school". she did absolutely fantastic. no tears at all, peed on the potty while she was there, and i was told, "she is very smart and a great listener!" i'm so proud of her. it was harder yesterday for me than it was taking molly to kindergarten. i didn't cry, but just kind of felt sad that my BABY is growing up too! sigh.

i just love my girls so much. it blows my mind how much. i can't describe it. they mean the world to me. yesterday i did cry later b/c i was watching the news and there was a sentencing trial going on for a man who helped take the lives of a local young couple...channon christian and chris newsome. it was heart-wrenching to watch as channon's parents took the stand to make their statement before the sentencing. she was only 21, and she sounded like such a beautiful, caring person....the kind of girl i would hope my girls turn in to.... and her parents won't ever get to see her get married or have her own children. i couldn't help but think of my own sweet the tears came easily. for them, and selfishly for me...if i were ever to be in their shoes... i can't imagine their pain. how in the world would you move on and forgive? only through Christ. and i can't imagine the pain that Christ must feel - for all people involved. the pain in this world was never meant to be. i think Jesus cries when we cry, and hurts when we hurt. well....didn't mean to go off on a little tangent there. guess that's just what i'm thinking about this morning.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

somebody stop time, please!!!

oh my goodness. molly had her first day of kindergarten yesterday. she LOVED it. dustin and i dropped her off together....we both held it together - but dad got a little teary. it's just crazy that she is in school now. i mean, before you know it she'll be getting her driver's license and heading to college! of course, there's so much fun to look forward to with every stage of life...but sometimes don't you just want to keep them little forever? sigh.

and my big adelyn joy is peeing on the potty!! she's really been getting it down the last 2 days...only 1 accident so far today. we got dum-dum suckers as a potty reward, and every time she's done peeing, she promptly says, "sucker?". she had 3 before noon today. :) still haven't mastered pooping yet. which i just really don't get. so many kids seem to have issues with pooping on the potty - i mean, really? you really would rather have that squished into a pull-up? whatevs. we'll get there soon enough. i'm just glad she's at least getting the peeing down.

on a completely different note...
volleyball training/conditioning week is over. i feel pretty good about my team. hoping for a great year. i was really happy to sleep in til 8:00 today! i was pretty worn out! my life's about to get crazy hectic....and, oh yeah, dustin and i are coaching basketball this year. yep, that means practice in the gym from august to march. yikes. but we're looking forward to it. that's all for now!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

artist & athlete

welp.....dustin & i decided today that we have an artist & an athlete on our hands.  can you guess which of our girls is which?  

we went to the doctor today for adelyn's 2 yr well check-up.  yes, we're a little late (she is 2 yrs, 4 months) - but hey, we're blackburn's.  all went well....and we found out she is in the 75th percentile for height!!  who knew?  we've heard that you can double your child's height at age 2, and that is about how tall they will be as an adult.  which means molly will be about 5'2", and adie will be about 5'10"!!!  what?!?!  i must admit, when dustin and i figured the math on adie's height, and looked at each other.....we both kind of got excited.  she is really tough, really even-keeled about most everything, and easy to teach.....or coach. :)  and if she really is gonna be 5'10", we may just have an all-star setter on our hands!!  (i can't help automatically thinking about volleyball.)  we measured adie on our measuring wall for molly, and she is currently as tall as molly was on her 3rd birthday.  cool.

and then we decided we should probably just go ahead and encourage molly in her artistic/creative abilities.  she's too dramatic for sports (although i think she'd be a really good athlete), and she's just so good at singing, drawing and imagining!!  so that's really cool too.  

i'm so very proud of my girls.  they both bring so much joy to my world - i have no idea what i would do without them.  i'm loving spending time with them this summer...which makes me super thankful for my job.  thank you Jesus for my precious children!!  

Thursday, April 9, 2009

time is fleeting

"you have made my days a mere handbreadth; the span of my years is as nothing before you.  each man's life is but a breath." -psalm 39:5

for the last couple weeks, i have been struck by the weight of this passage....realizing it in my own life.  seriously, where has time gone?  on tuesday i took molly to kindergarten round-up at gap creek elementary school - what the heck?  since when do i have a child entering school?  really?!  (she loved every minute of it, by the way.  she is totally pumped about starting and she "can't wait to eat in the cafeteria".)  i just can't believe it.  i can't believe that molly is 5 1/2 when i can so clearly remember the day of her birth like it was yesterday.  dustin and i talked about all of this this morning...(he even got teary...shhhhh) and it is just so unreal.  and i don't want to waste my life.  i want to serve and love Jesus in the way i live, and it seems that i've just kind of "gotten by" for the last 5 1/2 years without TRULY asking how God wants me to serve Him.  i mean, sure, i've tried to raise my kids to know and love Him, and i've tried to do my job with integrity and have tried to point people to God......but i don't know that i have truly sought out His will for my life every single day - and now 2,007ish days later it hits me.  life IS fleeting.  and i want to make the most of it.  Jesus help me!

Friday, April 3, 2009

how do you do it?

my life seems crazy busy.  lately i have felt like there's not enough time in the day to get everything done that needs to be done.  so generally, i feel lousy because i'm not doing GREAT at much of anything......there is always a pile of laundry to be washed or put away; that one year bible thing?  yeah, always reading extra to catch up; bathrooms clean?  no, not really; dog fed?  sometimes....i usually DO remember, but sometimes i'm a little late;  on time anywhere?  nope.  i'm officially a blackburn (and being late is my #1 pet peave....sigh); exercising?  wait a minute - what is that?

how do you do it?  how do you keep up with all that motherhood and a full-time job require and feel like you're doing it all WELL?  things are always being neglected - like blogging...defintiely not a top priority, obviously, cleaning the bathrooms, quite time with Jesus, quality time with Dustin, the never-ending could just go on and on!!!  and, of course, i wouldn't trade my children for anything in the world - but this motherhood thing definitely ain't for sissies.  i guess the responsibility of it all just gets overwhelming at times - and i want to do the best that i can....but sometimes my best isn't very good, and i hate that.  your advise?  how do you do it?  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

my one year bible

i am really enjoying my new one year bible.  i got it a week ago or so and it has been so good for me.  i have been struggling to stay in the word for quite some time really - and each time i would sit down to read, i felt like i was floundering to find what to read.  so i would be frustrated and feel ridiculous (i DID graduate from a bible college, for heaven's sake) and generally put it away without reading much of anything.  

so anyhow....a few weeks ago it seemed i kept reading things or hearing others mention a one year bible, so i thought, "hey, doesn't sound like a bad idea...and maybe this would help me get back into really loving my time with the Lord".  so i start in the middle of february and the bulk of what i read is from leviticus in the old testament.....not typically what i would call "fun" reading by any stretch of the imagination.  but God is meeting me in these times of reading through leviticus.  

the other day i read of bezalel (i think that was his name) and how God had given him special artistic talents and he was the guy God used to make all the intricate details of the tabernacle.  there was all this fabric with detailed embroidery and golden and wooden stuff.  anyhow.....the israelite community supplied bezalel with everything he needed to do what God had called him to do.  and it emphasized this (or this is what was emphasized to me when i read)....that the community continued to give and give and give until finally bezalel had to tell them to stop giving!  so that made me think....what if our faith communities (or churches) were like that?  what if we were to give and give and give???  how would God use that to help bring shalom to our communities?  

and then i read today about moses purifying aaron and his sons to be the priests in order for them to be able to present sacrifices on behalf of the israelites. was quite a process!  i mean lots of specific instructions on wear to put blood, how to put it, what to burn and where to burn it.....i mean SO much stuff.  all so the unholy priests could be made holy in order to be able to make things right between the unholy israelites and our very holy God.  

i'm not for sure what to think about all of this....  on one hand - i sure am glad that none of this sacrificing stuff has to happen any more.  that i don't have to bring a dove or goat or anything to give to a priest in order to make things right between me and God.  and it makes me so thankful for what Jesus has done in order for me NOT to have to do all of that.  but then on the other hand....b/c i have not had to go through all of the sacrificing stuff that the israelites had to - i don't know that i appreciate truly the gift of Jesus' sacrifice.  not sure if this is making sense.....  but all of it to say i am so thankful for what Jesus has done for me - but i know i'm not thankful enough.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

teary eyed

i have watched a decent amount of the inauguration today of president obama.  and for some reason, i keep tearing up!!  i hate politics mostly, and really don't pay much attention to a lot of it.....i couldn't tell you where politicians stand on certain issues or anything.  but there is something momentous about this day that just keeps getting me all teary.  when i think about the suffering that so many black people have gone through in this country because of stupid, racist white people it gets me so mad and upset.....but then to know that our country now has a black president is just incredible.  i have enjoyed hearing the news people talk of martin luther king jr and his "dream" and vision for what this country could be......and seeing a little bit of that dream realized today was just historical.  i know that we have a long way to go to get rid of all racism in this country, but to know that enough people of all races voted for president obama is just really cool, i think.    

Friday, January 16, 2009

common meal

last sunday our church ( it) moved to market square for worship and we started having 2 services. dustin and i decided that molly is getting old enough now that she could sit in "big church" for one service and start learning from mark's teachings.  she did very well throughout the service (we asked her afterwards what mark taught about and she replied, "mostly about jacob."  she was dead-on).  beforehand, dustin and i had talked about communion....would we let molly take it?  we both grew up in christian churches where the "norm" is that you ONLY take communion if you are "a baptized believer and member of the church".  heaven forbid you be anything else.  well, there's nothing biblical about that, so dustin and i decided that, yes, we would allow molly to take communion if she wanted.  we had talked before about what communion represents, and thought molly pretty much understood.  and at crossings, all people are invited to take common meal and meet Jesus to commune with Him.  so, when it was time for common meal, i helped molly get her cracker and juice and then bowed my head for my own time with Christ.  i looked up a bit later and molly's face was streaming with tears.  i said, "baby what's wrong?"  and she said, "i was thinking about Jesus on the cross....and it's just so sad."  wow.  i had to hold back my own tears to talk it through with her....we talked about how it WAS so sad - but that Jesus had to die to save us....and that He rose again.  (woo-hoo!!)  sure, she may not really understand the depth of Jesus' sacrifice yet (do any of us, really?) - but she gets it.  and she believes in Jesus.  and we are so happy to be a part of a faith community that allows us to make decisions like that - decisions, that ultimately, we think, will help our girls genuinely love Jesus and hopefully help them grow into a love-relationship with their Savior.....all without somebody checking the "baptized" and "membership" lists.  thank you, Lord!!!!