Sunday, December 28, 2008

for you, kristin

we are headed north today to visit dustin's folks.  so far, so good as far as the traveling goes.  molly was a bit dramatic as we left jack today (our friends wes & melanie are house/dog sitting for us), and adie has done ok.  she's still not the best traveler.  they had lots of fun at a huge mcdonald's playplace though, and now we're on the homestretch.  

christmas was a blast this year.  molly really enjoyed it....adie still didn't really get it yet.  i enjoy giving gifts to my kids, as i would assume any parent does.  it's especially gratifying when they are appreciative of what they've been given.  molly was so sweet after opening presents....  i was cleaning up and she came to me and gave me a great big hug and said, "mommy, thank you so much for all my presents."  and then she tried to give me one of her dollars from her allowance jar.  and said, "i just want to give you this b/c you got me so much stuff."  (we really didn't even get her THAT much!)  how sweet.  she really IS such a sweet little thing.  so tender-hearted.  i love that about her.  

i love giving gifts at christmastime.....we give out of love and appreciation of receiving the greatest gift of all in Jesus.  our Savior, our Redeemer.  a sweet baby King.  God in the flesh.  our Hero.  the One who makes it possible to have a relationship with God.  i love christmastime b/c i love celebrating the awe and mystery of God coming down to be with us.  how incredible is that?  the Creator and Sustainer of the universe wanted to make a way for us to know Him personally.  for ME to know Him personally.  when i think of that, i think of how often i have disappointed often He has waited for me to talk to Him in prayer, or know Him more through Scripture, or make the most of opportunities He has given me to share His love with someone.....and i fail Him.  but i know His grace is enough for me....but i also don't want to take His precious grace for granted.  i want to grow and change and become ever-more like Christ......when will my desire overcome my weak flesh?  when?  it seems to be this way all the time.  i want it to change....Jesus change me.  i pray that we can all remember the awe and mystery of the christmas season throughout the year.  merry christmas to you all!