Thursday, February 19, 2009

my one year bible

i am really enjoying my new one year bible.  i got it a week ago or so and it has been so good for me.  i have been struggling to stay in the word for quite some time really - and each time i would sit down to read, i felt like i was floundering to find what to read.  so i would be frustrated and feel ridiculous (i DID graduate from a bible college, for heaven's sake) and generally put it away without reading much of anything.  

so anyhow....a few weeks ago it seemed i kept reading things or hearing others mention a one year bible, so i thought, "hey, doesn't sound like a bad idea...and maybe this would help me get back into really loving my time with the Lord".  so i start in the middle of february and the bulk of what i read is from leviticus in the old testament.....not typically what i would call "fun" reading by any stretch of the imagination.  but God is meeting me in these times of reading through leviticus.  

the other day i read of bezalel (i think that was his name) and how God had given him special artistic talents and he was the guy God used to make all the intricate details of the tabernacle.  there was all this fabric with detailed embroidery and golden and wooden stuff.  anyhow.....the israelite community supplied bezalel with everything he needed to do what God had called him to do.  and it emphasized this (or this is what was emphasized to me when i read)....that the community continued to give and give and give until finally bezalel had to tell them to stop giving!  so that made me think....what if our faith communities (or churches) were like that?  what if we were to give and give and give???  how would God use that to help bring shalom to our communities?  

and then i read today about moses purifying aaron and his sons to be the priests in order for them to be able to present sacrifices on behalf of the israelites. was quite a process!  i mean lots of specific instructions on wear to put blood, how to put it, what to burn and where to burn it.....i mean SO much stuff.  all so the unholy priests could be made holy in order to be able to make things right between the unholy israelites and our very holy God.  

i'm not for sure what to think about all of this....  on one hand - i sure am glad that none of this sacrificing stuff has to happen any more.  that i don't have to bring a dove or goat or anything to give to a priest in order to make things right between me and God.  and it makes me so thankful for what Jesus has done in order for me NOT to have to do all of that.  but then on the other hand....b/c i have not had to go through all of the sacrificing stuff that the israelites had to - i don't know that i appreciate truly the gift of Jesus' sacrifice.  not sure if this is making sense.....  but all of it to say i am so thankful for what Jesus has done for me - but i know i'm not thankful enough.