Tuesday, April 27, 2010

diary of a knee

so i figured i'd use my blog to keep track of my progress with my knee. here's a recap:
-8 years old, knee pain/giving out
-high school - diagnosed with osteochondritis dissecans; told to stop playing sports if i wanted it to stop hurting; did not stop playing sports....it didn't hurt THAT bad
-college to present - continued playing sports and just dealing with a bum knee
-january 25, 2010 - flat out tripped running full speed playing intramural basketball, landed right on my right knee; took myself out of the game and iced when i got home
-february 5, 2010 - woke up with a hugely swollen knee and figured i must have done something to it
-2/5-2/12 - went to physical therapy to try to get rid of swelling and figure out what was wrong
-2/19 - appt. with dr. winn at MOC; ordered MRI
-2/24 - MRI
-3/2 - appt. with dr. winn to review MRI....told me he didn't feel confident dealing with my problem, referred me to dr. mathien/dr. rappe' (now getting concerned that it's not just something minor)
-3/5 - appt. with dr. rappe'; showed me my MRI and told me i would need to have an osteoarticular allograft done (see pics); took all hope of anything minor and threw it out the window
-3/11 - appt. with dr. mathien/dr. rappe' to ask any/all questions about the procedure; i took 2 pages of questions with me; dr. mathien took a lot of time to explain everything and made me feel very confident that i was in good hands; now just waiting for a donor bone; insurance already approved procedure
-4/21 - received a call from KOC, donor bone has been received; scheduled surgery for may 6

will update after surgery on my progress....was told initially that i will be 2 months non-weight bearing/full range of motion; crutches and toned arms, here i come.