Wednesday, September 9, 2009

our date with molly

yesterday dustin and i took molly out on a date. my mama watched adie for us so we could take molly to a movie and out to dinner. we all had so much fun. we saw the movie "shorts" - and it was really good, plus, apparently tuesdays at the theater are $1 day for popcorn and drinks. sweet deal. we were the only people in the entire theater...i mean the whole place, not just our movie. looks like nobody knows about that $1 deal....well now you know.

then we took her out to olive garden for supper since she could probably live on spaghetti. it was just so much fun to focus our attention solely on her. but we did talk about how we all missed adie joy. we talked about the movie (its all about a wishing rock) and we asked her what she'd wish for. she said, and i kid you not, "i would wish to grow up faster so i can see Jesus." oh, that girl. :)

the start to kindergarten has been anything but smooth for our sweet girl who hates change. the very first day (when all the class was present....a week ago monday) the school secretary called me b/c molly was sobbing in her office - saying her stomach hurt. good grief. it was only 9:30, and when she left home, she was fine. so i went to the school to talk to her. so we talked for about 10 minutes and she finally admitted that she got too hot (the AC in her class room is really messed up and it gets to about 80 before the unit kicks on), and then she got overwhelmed with all the kids being there, and then she remembered that she wasn't going to see me that evening b/c i had an away volleyball game.....put it all together, and what do you get? a molly so worked up and crying that her stomach hurts. and that was day one.

since that day, every morning is a battle of some kind - and generally, every morning she declares that she does not want to go to school. add to that that she has been having nightmares at night and waking up 2-3 times each night, and it makes for horribly grumpy mornings and a frazzled, frustrated mother. i read some about the nightmares, and it is normal for kids who are anxious about doesn't make sense to her to be scared about school, so subconsciously she has nightmares which are OK to be scared of, thus justifying her fear. (i feel like i just sounded way smarter than i really am) so each morning there is some drama to deal with - whether it be a seam in a sock, shorts that "feel weird" or hair that doesn't look right....any and all of it sent her into a crying fit-throwing break-down. UNTIL today.
oh, praise Jesus. today was the best day yet. she has had 2 full nights of sleep in a row. (she told us yesterday that she wasn't scared anymore from the nightmares b/c "it's silly to be scared about monsters; monsters aren't even real; and even if they were real, Jesus would take care of me!" and then she said, "i have to admit, i had to tell myself that a few times before i really believed it." :) precious child.) and there was absolutely NO drama at all this morning. she got ready like a big girl and headed off to school like it was no big deal. hopefully we're starting a new trend! even though she is high-maintenance most times, and generally takes every ounce of patience that i can muster, i am so proud of her and excited to see the woman she will become. she has such a tender heart, and a pure love of's beautiful. and, to me, she's worth all the drama. :)