Thursday, July 1, 2010


i had my appointment with dr. rappe' yesterday and i am thrilled to say that it could not have gone any better!! my x-rays looked really good....he showed them to us and you could only see a very faint line where the graft is. so it has healed perfectly (praise to God!) and i finally get to drive again and start adding weight to it!! it will be a 3-4 week process of gradually getting off the crutches. while i wish i could burn my crutches right now, i know i couldn't walk b/c my leg is too weak....but i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. although a "destroy my crutches" party sounds like a good idea....maybe i'll get to planning that.

it's been 8 weeks today since my life, it seems like it's been forever ago and yesterday all at the same time. overall, the process has been easier than i expected. but i'm so ready to be able to hold my precious girls and carry them again; serve my dear hubby instead of him serving me constantly; do laundry, carry a drink or plate, go grocery shopping w/o the battery operated cart that always dies in the middle of the trip; and, jump on the trampoline with my girls, go camping, play volleyball.....oh, i can't wait!! it's still gonna be a process, but i feel ready to tackle it all and i'm just excited about life.

thank you God for your grace and for the lessons i'm learning through this process.

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